Honorlock - Add extended time and accommodate timed assessments

This document summarizes the steps for providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in Honorlock. This document also includes ways instructors can support the student in the online proctoring experience.

Honorlock is an online auto-proctoring tool that can be linked to quizzes in Canvas. It is important to consider accommodations for students prior to using Honorlock as the students' accommodations may generate additional flags for review and/or may conflict with standard instructions you provide to students taking the quiz.

This document is part of an Honorlock guide series, Honorlock - Implementing disability-related accommodations (Instructors)or view the following steps for implementing Student Accommodations using Honorlock.

Steps for Implementing Student Accommodations

  1. Review known issues and limitations of Honorlock
  2. Setting up accommodations or bypass proctoring in Honorlock
  3. Discuss accommodation plans with individual students
  4. Document individual accommodation plans
  5. Add extended time and accommodate timed assessments (this document)

Schedule and add approved extended time in Canvas

Instructors add extra time in Canvas Quizzes. Please note the exam access is controlled entirely by Canvas.  The Honorlock window will remain open until the student closes the window or the exam ends.

Timed assessment/testing/exam accommodation reference

The following is general guidance on timed assessment/testing/exam accommodations with Honorlock and Canvas.

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