SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Maintain Schedule of Classes: Notes Tab


This document outlines how to add notes in Maintain Schedule of Classes.

Step 1


Step 2

Use the Find page to locate the course. Search by: Term, Subject Area, Catalog Nbr

Step 3

Select the Notes page tab

Step 4 

Find the section that needs a note by using the arrows on the row counter. Desired Class section will display.

Note Row Counter

Step 5

To add a standard note, select the lookup icon next to the Note Nbr field. Then select Look Up to view the existing notes to choose from. Select the note you wish to attach. 

Look up Note

To add a Free Format Text note, simply type into the empty box next to the field. 

Step 6

If you need to add a note and there is already an existing note (either Note or Free Format Text):

If you need to remove an existing note:

Step 7

Select [Save].

Step 8

Repeat steps 4 - 7 for every section that needs that note. You must manually create/attach notes on all applicable sections. Use the Upper Row Counter to move between sections.


  • Use notes to specify essential enrollment information for students; i.e., course fees, explanation of variable credits, optional components, midterm evening exams, etc.
  • If information pertains to several of your departmental offerings, consider placing it in Global Notes instead of footnotes.