Microsoft 365 - What is a primary address?

Although an account in Office 365 can have multiple email addresses, each account has only one "primary address". This document explains what a primary address is, how it works, and what factors you should consider when selecting your primary address.

Please refer to the following document if you need to Change your Primary Address

How is my primary address different from the other email addresses that are associated with my account?

If there are multiple email addresses associated with your account (e.g.,,, and, you will need to select one email address as your primary address. Although you can change your primary address later, you can only have one primary address assigned to your account. The differences between a primary address and an alternate address are outlined below:

All email addresses associated with your account:

Only your primary address:

Alternate addresses:

Please keep the features above in mind when selecting a primary address for your account.

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