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Perceptive Content Fundamentals - Content Processing - Document Capture
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Perceptive Content Fundamentals

Document Capture

How to Capture Documents

What is a capture profile?

A capture profile is a reusable collection of settings that makes capturing a single-click task. The profile stores all the options you need to capture and conduct related processing tasks with Perceptive Content Client. For some capture methods, the options in a capture profile include a source that designates from where you want to capture documents and options for document indexing, routing a captured document to a workflow queue, and image processing.

Perceptive Content offers three methods of scanning and importing your documents. You can:

  • Scan each document in on a one~by-one basis by using the Single Mode method.
  • Scan several documents at once using the Batch Mode method.
  • Scan or update baskets of documents using the Package Mode method.

Each method allows the options of bypassing QA, by sending documents directly to a workflow queue and setting the document index keys automatically.

Single Mode Capture

Single mode allows you to send individual pages or documents into the system and bypass the Batch grid. The documents will come in, and by default will open in a viewer allowing users to QA the image and confirm its keys. Once the user saves the image, it will process directly into the system. Single mode does not allow for multiple batches to be processed at once. When using a scanner for example, you will have the option for simplex or duplex on one page or all documents in the feeder. It is not possible to use separator sheets for single mode.

Batch Mode Capture

Batch mode scanning utilizes the Batch grid to offer more customization in the capture process. By using this method, you are able to send multiple batches into the system at once using either unique keys, or separator sheets. Once the document scan or file import has been completed, the resulting batches will appear in the Batch Grid for further processing. During the additional processing, the documents can be QA'd or linked as needed before they enter Perceptive Content as a document.

Perceptive Content Printer

The Perceptive Content Printer allows you to import a document, such as a Microsoft Office document or an e-mail, into Perceptive Content without having to print and scan it first. You can use the Perceptive Content Printer from any software program that has a print option. The options you set in an Perceptive Content Printer capture profile determine how your Perceptive Content Printer documents are processed. Because Perceptive Content Printer documents are stored as TIFF files, you can annotate them. You can also set the page orientation, color, and watermark options for the Perceptive Content Printer.

When you want the ability to highlight a Word document or add a sticky note to an email, consider importing your documents using the Perceptive Content Printer. The imageNow Printer and file import are included with the lmageNow Client and do not require additional licensing.

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