ECMS - What are Document Keys in Perceptive Content?

In the Perceptive Content Imaging software (formerly known as ImageNow), there are seven standard index keys called document keys. Document keys enable you to store, secure, and retrieve documents housed within Perceptive Content.

If you need more than the seven standard document keys to describe a document in Perceptive Content, you can use Custom Properties. Custom Properties allow you to store unlimited data.

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Perceptive Content (formerly known as ImageNow) assigns document keys (also called index keys) to store, secure, and retrieve documents.

There are seven standard document keys in Perceptive Content:

1. Drawer
2. Folder
3. Tab 4
4. Field 3
5. Field 4
6. Field 5
7. Document Type

The Drawer document key provides the highest level within the document key structure, and it is often defined as a department or function, such as Accounts Payable, Human Resources or Financial Aid. Perceptive Content allows you to restrict individual and group access to documents by Drawer, Document Type or both. You can customize these document keys to fit your business needs.

The graphic below shows an example of a typical document key structure:

Typical Document Key Structure
Document Key Level Example Configuration Example Value
Drawer Drawer Accounts Payable
Field 1 Vendor ID 12345
Field 2 Document ID 4341
Field 3 Vendor Name Acme Corp.
Field 4 Control Number 3335
Field 5 Status Paid
Type Document Type Invoice

What if I Need More Document Keys?

If you need more than the standard seven document keys to describe your document, you can use Custom Properties. Custom Properties allows you to store unlimited data to describe a document in Percent Content imaging software.

The graphic below shows examples of Custom Properties:

Custom Property Examples
Sector Custom Property Value
Human Resources Telephone Number, Job Position
Higher Education Entrance Exam Results, GPA
Accounting Tax ID, Invoice Amount
Health Care Insurance, Policy Number

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