Microsoft 365 - Additional steps to complete when your primary email address is changing

If your primary email address is changing, you will need to complete below to ensure that related UW-Madison services continue to work as expected after your primary email address changes. Depending on what services you use, some steps may not apply to you. To learn more about primary and alternate email addresses in Office 365, click here.

Note for individuals who are completing these steps as a part of the transition to Microsoft 365: Make sure to complete the following steps after your account has been moved to Microsoft 365.

  1. Update your UW-Madison directory entry

    Important: The White Pages is the data source for the UW Madison Directory. This is independent from the Microsoft 365 Global Address List (GAL) directory, which will always default to your current primary email address.

    Additionally, if you had previously set a 'Name in Use' (previously called preferred name) prior to a legal name change or if you professionally go by an uncommon nickname, It is recommended that you update your 'Name in Use' (previously called preferred name).

    Once your primary email address is changed, your previous address will still be listed in UW-Madison's White Pages directory. To update your White Pages listing to refer to your new primary email address, select the appropriate link below for detailed instructions:

  2. Update your My UW-Madison - Personal Information Module

    This information can be updated through your MyUW account - learn more.

  3. Update your mailing list subscriptions

    Many mailing lists can only receive messages from email addresses that are subscribed to them. Once your primary email address changes, you will still receive emails addressed to the list, however, you will not be able to send to the list from your new primary address.

    Update lists/subscriptions
    Use the provided management tools for each list you are subscribed to and make the necessary update.
  4. Add your new email address as an alias for UW-Madison Box

    If you don't add your new email address to your UW-Madison Box account, you won't be able to access files or folders shared with your new address. You can find instructions for adding your new email address here: UW-Madison Box - Linking Alternate Addresses

  5. Verify the email addresses associated with your Microsoft 365 account (Optional)

    Your Microsoft 365 account will now receive emails sent to your selected primary address and all other alternate addresses associated with your account. To verify all the addresses associated with your Microsoft 365 account review the following doc: Microsoft 365 - Manage Alternate Email Addresses.

  6. If you are using a signature, add a note to it stating that your email address has changed (Optional)

    Remember, messages sent to any of your consolidated/alternate accounts will continue to be delivered to your Microsoft 365 account. One way to notify the people you interact with that your primary email address has changed is to include a note within your signature. For example:

    My email address has changed to You can still send messages to, but I would prefer you update my contact information to use the new address.

  7. Update printed and digital references to your email address (Optional)

    After changing your primary address in Microsoft 365, alternate addresses will act as aliases and will still be able to receive emails addressed to them. However, many users prefer to standardize the email address that they share with others. You should consider updating both printed and digital references to your email address to help keep things consistent.

    For a list of other campus application where you may want to update your email address, please see: [Link for document 42614 is unavailable at this time]

    Other examples include...


    • Business Cards
    • Resumes
    • Letterhead


    • Email Signatures
    • Social Media Contact Info
    • Online Accounts
    • Website Registrations

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