Azure - Pricing

Azure - Pricing

Please note that the pricing model may change in a future Azure pricing model. Data will be collected on the campus surcharge and the actual costs to campus over the next fiscal year. As a result, the surcharge may be increased or decreased in the future based on the actual costs of providing Azure to campus.

Insight, the campus reseller for Azure, discounts Azure retail pricing ~15% as part of the Internet2 agreement with Microsoft. UW-Madison Public Cloud applies a 15% overhead surcharge to the Insight rate to recover a portion of its costs. The net cost to campus customers will be equivalent to Microsoft's published rates for Azure.

Azure - Free Tier

As part of our enterprise agreement the UW is not eligible for the free tier of services.  Cloud vendors do not normally offer a free tier to their enterprise customers.


Customers are responsible for ensuring that any grant funds used to pay for Azure is done in accordance with RSP ( policy and federal requirements (2 CFR 200 Subpart E). Basic guidance can be found at It is recommended that all customers who wish to use a grant to pay for Azure contact RSP for guidance.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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