Canvas - How to Extend Time for a Quiz [UW-Madison]

This document contains instructions on how to set Canvas Quiz times, and how to create exceptions and extensions for individuals or groups of students.

Faculty, instructors, and TAs can use the Canvas Quizzing Assignment Options to provide students with additional time on assessments (quizzes, exams) in Canvas. Instructors can view and export a list of students who have requested testing accommodations in each of their sections from McBurney Connect

Important FERPA information

To avoid possible FERPA violations, DO NOT create a Canvas Group of students needing accommodations. Disability information is protected by FERPA and should not be documented through commentary or labeling in Canvas where users other than the student in question and the instructor(s) are able to view. Canvas Groups should not be used to manage disability-related accommodations because:

  • The names of Groups in Canvas are visible to all students with access to the People tab of the course. Students in a Group are able to see who else is in the group with them.

How to adjust Quiz time in Canvas

  1. Make sure you have created and published a quiz with a time limit.
  2. Follow the Canvas instructions to increase the quiz time limit using the Moderate This Quiz link in Canvas.
    • Note: If you don't see this feature, please verify your quiz is published.
  3. You can change extended time for individual students or multiple students who have the same extended time.

Important Considerations

There are some important considerations when you increase the quiz time limit for your students:

  • If you increase the quiz time limit for any of your students, please also be sure that they have enough time in their exam window. For example, if you provide a 75-minute exam window but you also provide one student 90 minutes to take their exam, you must add an extended, 90-minute exam window for that student. If you need to provide a different extended exam window, you can extend your quiz availability before or after your due date for individual students.
  • Please make sure your students know that their exam will be submitted at the Available Until date, regardless of how much time they have left on the timer. For example, if a student has 90 minutes to take their exam but starts it 75 minutes before the end of the exam window, they will only have 75 minutes to complete the exam.
  • If the student has already submitted a quiz attempt, there is no way to reopen that attempt. However, you can grant them another quiz attempt in the Moderate This Quiz settings (linked above).

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