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Submit an Email Announcement

How to submit an announcement or event for weekly SoP Email Announcements
The Email Announcement Submission page is located at

  1. First determine whether you are submitting an Announcement or an Event.
    (Not sure?  Events need location, date, start and end time. A calendar invite will be created for download.)
    The basic directions will be the same for Announcements and Events.  Event specific directions will be down below the consistent steps.

    announcement submission form

  2. Select the appropriate audience.

  3. Type in the subject of your Announcement/Event.  DO NOT paste this in from Word - (text from Word has weird formatting code that usually creates problems).

  4. Enter the text for the content of your announcement. 

    1. Attachments are not possible.  If you have a document you would like to share you will need to load it into Box and share that link.
      Full instructions can be found here:
      box share link directions

    2. To create linked URL address
        insert link icon

    3. Fill in the URL, Text to Display, and title if appropriate.
      insert link form

  5. If you would like to make this a reoccurring announcement, please select an end date.  If not leave with the current date.
    reoccuring screenshot
  6. Hit the "Submit Announcement" button.

If you have an Event to submit, the following steps are required in addition to those listed above.

event announcement special fields
  1. Enter the Event date, starting time, ending time, and location.

  2. The Event Notes field should include the registration link or meeting link.

  3. Enter the message in the body.

  4. Submit the Announcement.

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