SIS - Combined Sections: Types and Definitions


Combined sections are classes that are connected or "bound" in SIS. This document defines the different types of bonds.

Combined Sections Classifications

There are four different bonds that may exist between sections of courses. Listed below are descriptions and examples. 

Cross-listed: XL

Example: The courses SOC 210 and C&E SOC 210 are cross-listed in the course catalog. Each scheduled section is combined with the parallel section of the other course, e.g., SOC 210 section 001 for a given term/session is combined with C&E SOC 210 section 001 in that same term/session. 

Crosslisted course

Meets With: MW

Example: MUSIC 346 meets with MUSIC 546; section 016 is shown below.

Meets With

Section-Level Meets With: SL

Example: Section 002 of ENVIR ST 360 meets with section 001 of GEOG 475. 

Section level meets with class

Cross-listed, Meets With: XM 

Example: ZOOLOGY 153 meets with the cross-listed course BIOLOGY/BOTANY/ZOOLOGY 151. For the term/session shown below, section 001 of each cross-listed course also meets with section 001 of ZOOLOGY 153. 

Crosslisted Meets With