SIS - Updating Combined Sections

Combined sections are courses that are either cross-listed or a meets-with. This documents the requirements needed for a section to be classified as such and how to update the enrollment capacity on a combined section.

Combined Sections are classes that are connected or “bound” in SIS. This document details how to update the enrollment and wait list capacities on combined sections and how to update meeting patterns for classes that are combined. See also: Combined Sections - Types and Definitions

General Notes

Combined Sections ID Numbers & Links

Combined Sections Detail Page: Updating Enrollment & Wait List Caps  (Curricular & Enrollment Reps) 

Updating Meeting Pattern, Instructors, Facility ID (Curricular Reps only) 

Crosslist (XL) Sync

General Notes

  • The combined Enrollment Capacity term rolls from the previous like semester.

  • The Primary Department is responsible for updating combined Enrollment & Wait List Capacity. Failing to monitor this field can result in enrollment problems for students.

  • Each member of the combined section is responsible for updating the Enrollment Cap, Wait List Cap, and adding any Honors designations
  • The Combined Section link provides information about class sections that are crosslisted and/or meets with. To view which departments are members of a crosslisted group, use this menu path:

    • > Curriculum Management > Course Catalog > Course Catalog, Catalog Data page, Course Offerings box.

Combined Sections ID Numbers

    • The Combined Sections ID Description provides an overview of class sections that are bound in SIS.

    • As detailed below, links to the Combined Sections Detail page can be found on several SIS pages. These links will not display if a section is not combined.

    Where to Find Combined Section Links

    • Update Sections of a Class - Class Enrollment Limits tab

    Update Sections Combined Sections Link

    • Maintain Schedule of Classes - Meetings tab (shown below) and the similar Schedule Class Meetings page - Meetings tab (not shown)

    Meetings Tab

    • Maintain Schedule of Classes - Enrollment Control tab

    Enroll Control Tab

      Combined Sections Detail Page: Editing Combined Enroll Caps and Wait List Caps

      The combined Enrollment Capacity term rolls from the previous like semester. The enrollment capacity set on the Combined Details Page is what the enrollment system uses for the section's overall enrollment capacity. Each section can set their own individual enrollment caps, 

      You can view:

      • Primary and secondary members of a combined sections course.
        • The combined section description displays next to the combined sections ID number. The description specifies the following:
          • Combined Sections type (XL, MW, SL, or XM)
          • Primary subject
          • Catalog number (primary for SL)
          • Session code
          • Section number (primary for SL)
      • Requested room capacity for the combined sections.
      • Enrollment and wait list totals for the course and for each member of the group.

      You can edit

      • Combined enrollment
      • Wait list capacity

      Primary Department Enrollment Representative: You must enter the combined Enrollment and combined Wait List Capacity here; this is the only place where this can be changed.

      Combined Sections details page with enrollment and wait list cap highlighted

      Note: Remember to update your subject’s Enrl Cap & Wait Cap on the Update Sections of a Class page and advise the other subject(s) to do the same whenever you update your combined enrollment capacities. 

      Updating Meeting Patterns, Instructors, Facility IDs on a Combined Section (Curricular Reps only)

      Use Schedule Class Meetings page to:

      • Update Instructors
      • Update Meeting Pattern
      • Update Facility ID
      • Note that these fields will be grayed out on the Maintain Schedule of Classes page after a combined section is scheduled. Updates to these fields for combined sections can only be made on the Schedule Class Meetings page to ensure that the information matches across all of the sections that are combined.

      Step 1

      From Home, select: Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter, Schedule Class Meetings. The Find page will display.

      Tips: Menu navigation: > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule Class Meetings.

      Step 2

      Search using the term, 3-digit subject number, and 3-digit catalog number. You can also search by section number, or 5-digit class number. 

      Class Meetings search

      Step 3

      The search results will display all sections of a course. Select the section you need to edit. By default, the results will sort on the Class Nbr column.

      Search results

      Step 4

      Edit any of the necessary fields: facility ID, meeting times and/or days, instructor(s), room characteristics. (UW Madison does not use Academic Shift.)

      Meetings tab Sched Class Meetings

      Crosslist (XL) Sync

      The Crosslist (XL) Sync is scheduled to run nightly (Monday through Friday) for any published terms, current and future.  It is also run several times during the build process as needed by Curricular Services staff.

      During the XLsync, class information from the primary subject is synchronized with the secondary subject members of crosslisted courses. This includes:

      • New section additions/ deletions
      • Class association changes (including credits, honors designations, requisites) 
      • Class attributes
      • Room characteristics

      Note:  Any updates of this information made on the secondary subject listings will be undone and replaced by the information listed on the primary subject once the XLsync is run. 

      What is not synced by the XLsync?

      • Meeting pattern information (day/time, facility, instructors). However, this is synchronized across subjects in real time in SIS. Any subject member of the crosslisted course can edit the meeting pattern using the Schedule Class Meetings page in SIS.
      • Enrollment and Waitlist caps
      • Class notes

      When a new crosslist course is scheduled, either as a brand-new course or adding it to a term using Schedule New Course, the subject who creates the section will be designated as the primary subject. If multiple subjects add the same crosslisted course to a term, Curricular Services will look at a historical precedent to determine who is primary. Any changes to the primary subject should be sent to the Curricular Services team member who manages combined sections. 

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