SIS - Updating Combined Sections

Combined sections are courses that are either cross-listed or a meets-with. This documents the requirements needed for a section to be classified as such and how to update the enrollment capacity on a combined section.

General Notes

Combined Sections ID Numbers & Links

Combined Sections Detail Page: Updating Enrollment & Wait List Caps  (Curricular & Enrollment Reps) 

Updating Meeting Pattern, Instructors, Facility ID (Curricular Reps only) 

Combined Sections Notes

  • The combined Enrollment Capacity term rolls from the previous like semester.

  • The Enrollment Capacity set on the Combined Section Detail page is what the Enrollment System uses for the section’s enrollment capacity.

  • The Primary Department is responsible for updating combined Enrollment & Wait List Capacity. Failing to monitor this field can result in enrollment problems for students.

  • Each member of the combined section is responsible for updating the Enrollment Cap, Wait List Cap, and adding any Honors designations
  • The Combined Section link provides information about class sections that are crosslisted and/or meets with. To view which departments are members of a crosslisted group, use this menu path:

    • > Curriculum Management > Course Catalog > Course Catalog, Catalog Data page, Course Offerings box.

Combined Sections ID Numbers

    • The Combined Sections ID Description provides the following information.

      • Combined Sections Code

      • Primary Department

      • Catalog Nbr

      • Session Code

      • Section Nbr

    Where to Find Combined Section Links

    • Update Sections of a Class - Class Enrollment Limits tab

    Update Sections Combined Sections Link

    • Maintain Schedule of Classes - Meetings tab

    Meetings Tab

    • Maintain Schedule of Classes - Enrollment Control tab

    Enroll Control Tab

      Combined Sections Detail Page: Editing Combined Enroll Caps and Wait List Caps

      You can view:

      • Primary and secondary members of a combined sections course. The Primary subject is listed next to the combined sections ID
      • Requested room capacity for the combined sections.
      • Enrollment and wait list totals for the course and for each member of the group.

      You can edit

      • Combined enrollment
      • Wait list capacity

      Primary Department Enrollment Representative: You must enter the combined Enrollment & Wait List Capacity here; this is the only place where this can be changed.

      Combined Sections details page with enrollment and wait list cap highlighted

      Note: Remember to update your subject’s Enrl Cap & Wait Cap on the Update Sections of a Class page and advise the other subject(s) to do the same whenever you update your combined enrollment capacities. 

      Updating Meeting Patterns, Instructors, Facility IDs on a Combined Section (Curricular Reps only)

      Use Schedule Class Meetings page to:

      • Update Instructors
      • Update Meeting Pattern
      • Update Facility ID

      Step 1

      From Home, select: Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter, Schedule Class Meetings. The Find page will display.

      Tips: Menu navigation: > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule Class Meetings.

      Step 2

      Search using the term, 3-digit subject number, and 3-digit catalog number. You can also search by section number, or 5-digit class nbr. 

      Class Meetings search

      Step 3

      The search results will display all sections of a course. Select the section you need to edit. The results will sort on the Class Nbr column.

      Search results

      Step 4

      Edit any of the necessary fields: facility ID, meeting pattern, instructor, room characteristics.

      Meetings tab Sched Class Meetings

      Note: UW Madison does not use Academic Shift.

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