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Retrieve Account Passwords - CyberArk Privilege Cloud

This topic describes how to show and copy passwords to privileged accounts.

Retrieve account passwords

While you are using Privilege Cloud to manage your privileged accounts, you might not want to connect to your devices through it. In this case, you can show and copy a password for a specific account in the Privilege Cloud Portal, and connect to the device independently.

To connect to devices using Privilege Cloud, see Connect to a Target Device - CyberArk Privilege Cloud.

To show and copy a password:

  1. In the Privilege Cloud Portal, locate and click the account from the list.

  2. From the account menu, on the top right side, click Show.

  3. In the Show Password dialog box, enter a reason for showing the password.

    By default, the Require users to specify reason for access rule in the Master Policy is set to Active.

    If it has been set to Inactive for the platform associated with this account, the Reason field does not display.

  4. Click Show and then click Copy.

    The password is displayed for a limited amount of time.

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