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I am a faculty member or TA and I need some software installed on the lab computers. What is the process for this?

Getting software installed on lab computers

Software requests for the labs, including Python modules and open-source software, should be made as early as possible before the semester begins in order to ensure that the lab image, or collection of software and the operating system, can be tested and finalized before being deployed on the 60+ lab machines in the building.

Typically the computer image is frozen (i.e., cannot be modified) by August 15th for the Fall semester and January 5th for the Spring semester. These dates have a little flexibility built-in but, the earlier a software request is made, the better the chances are that it can be installed on the new image.

Any software requests must be open-source or free-to-use software. Due to licensing and support issues, software cannot be installed onto the lab computers after the semester begins. It is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that all software required for their course(s) is installed prior to the beginning of the semester. The lab in M376 is available for software inspection at any time.

Some of the reasons for not installing software mid-semester include the availability of labs, imaging time, testing, and limited staff availability. Again, it is the instructor's responsibility to ensure all required software is installed prior to the beginning of the semester.

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