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How do I map a drive from my Apple computer to the network?

Directions on how to map a network drive on Mac, for the server resources supported by GNP IT.
In order to connect (map) network drives in Science Hall, you need to either:
  1. be connected to an Ethernet cable within Science Hall (not WiFi) OR 
  2. be connected on WiFi using VPN (either inside or outside of the building)
If you aren’t connected to an Ethernet cable within the building, instructions for installing VPN can be found at

Connecting to server

Make sure Finder is the current app running. This can be done by clicking anywhere on the Desktop OR clicking the Finder icon on your taskbar.
location of the Finder
Click on Go at the top of the screen and Connect to Server.
Finder Connect to Server
The Connect to Server message box appears. In the Server Address text box, type in the name of the path for the drive you would like to map. If you know the location of the drive that you would like to map, go ahead and type it in, otherwise use the different paths listed below. Once you have the typed path, click Connect.
Note: Be sure to type in smb:// before the name of the path name.
Connect to server window
Office shared folders:
User home folders:

Geography Research folder:

Web servers:

You should see a loading screen telling you that you are connecting to the server.

  1. Choose Registered User.
  2. Enter Name and Password:
    • If you have an SHC username and password, enter those.
    • Otherwise, for Name enter ad\ followed by your NetID (e.g., ad\helpdesk), and enter your password.
  3. Check Remember this password in my keychain if you want your password to be saved for later. 
  4. Click Connect.
server login window


Show mapped drives on the desktop:

  • After authentication, a window will open to the mapped drive. Make sure Finder is the current app running. Click on Finder > Preferences. The Finder Preferences window will appear. Put a checkmark next to Connected Servers. An icon should now show up on your Desktop as a shortcut to your mapped drive.
    Finder preferences

Open Mapped Drives on Login

  1. Open System Preferences. This can be done by clicking on the icon from your Dock, or clicking the Apple symbol (on the top left corner of screen) and then clicking System Preferences.
  2. Click on Accounts. You are about to make changes to your System Preferences…
    • If the padlock is locked, click it to unlock so you can save your changes. You will be prompted for your computer username and password.
    • If the padlock is unlocked, proceed onto the next step
  3. Click on Login Items.
  4. Click on the + sign to add a mapped drive location
  5. Choose the folder that you want your mapped drive to and click Add.
    • Note: You may have to click the server on the left side of the screen in order to navigate to the mapped drive you need.
  6. Your mapped drive should now show up in the list of items that will automatically connect to when you login.


  • Make sure you are connected to the UW network, either using a wired network connection or using VPN if you are on wireless.
  • Make sure the path is typed in correctly.
  • Check that you have entered username and password correctly (your NetID and password, or possibly your SHC username and password if you have one).
  • Make certain you have permission to access the requested server or share. If you are unsure, contact the GNP IT Help Desk (email or submit a ticket here).


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