Create Printer Presets for Ricoh WCER network printers: Mac

In order to print to Ricoh floor printers, you need a 4-digit project print code. On a Mac computer, these print codes are entered into what is called a printer preset. This document takes you through the steps needed to create a printer preset.



  • You have already added the Ricoh floor printer you wish to use.
    Please click here for help adding a Ricoh floor printer to a Mac.



Creating a Printer Preset

1) Open Microsoft Word and open any document, or create a new one and Select “Print” from the “File” menu.
    Note:  You can use just about any Mac application to create a printer preset, but I just prefer using Microsoft Word.

2) In the Print window that appears, make sure your printer is selected. In our example we will choose "London".

Be sure the printer you want is selected

3) Scroll down and select "Printer Options" to expend the menu. Then click on the information icon associated with "Job Log".

Enter the printer options

4) In the window that pops up, enter your WCER username within the "User ID" text field. Click the "Enable User Code" checkbox and enter your project's 4-digit code within the "User Code" text field.

5) Select information icon associated with the "Printer Features" option. From the menu that pops up, select "Black and White" from the "Color Mode" pulldown menu.



6) Select "Save Current Settings as Preset..." from the the "Presets" pulldown menu.



7) In the resulting window, enter a name for the preset within the "Preset Name" text field. I chose to name mine "London - B&W - 1234" so that if I ever need to print for another project, I won't be confused as to which preset I should use. Then press OK.




A printer preset has now been created for London that can be used for all applications on your computer. You may click either the "Print" or "Cancel" buttons and the preset will remain. 



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