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WiscWeb - Revert a Page or Post to a Previous Revision

When needed, users can restore older versions of a page or post. Please note that WiscWeb only stores 14 revisions in the history.

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Purpose and use

In some instances you may need to revert a page or post to a previous version of itself due to incorrect information being presented or errors in the content.

Reverting to a previous version

  1. When viewing a page or post, look over at the Publish section of the page editor.
  2. Click on Browse next to the Revisions section.

    Revisions section in page editor interface

  3. Next, use the slider at the top of the Revisions page to find the last update that you would like to revert back to. The slider will also show who the user was that made the last update.

    Revision slider with date and user of last update
  4. Below you will see two columns - the left column (red highlight) will show what was on the page at the time of the edit, and the right column (green highlight) will show what updates were made for this particular revision.

    Revision differences - left side is old, right side is updated with this revision
  5. If this is the version that you would like to restore, click the Restore This Revision button. Your page or post will be reverted to this version.


  • Any content that you had previously added after this revision has been restored will need to be added again.
  • There will only be 14 revisions stored in WiscWeb. Older revisions will be replaced with each new page update.

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