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WiscWeb - Photo and icon resources

This doc depicts the various photo, icon, and other imagery resources available to users of WiscWeb.

Campus Photo Library

The Campus Photo Library is a collection of digital photos that depict the UW Madison campus, its various events, and its people.

These high resolution photos are able to be downloaded in the original dimensions or the following sizes:

  • 4800px (x-large)
  • 2400px (large)
  • 1200px (medium)
  • 600px (small)

Photos can also be saved in a “lightbox” to be shared with co-workers and project teammates. A robust search tool allows users to easily find photos based on keywords and other parameters.

Campus Photo Library (must login with NetID)

DoIT Communications icon library

DoIT Communications has created an icon pack for use by website owners.

These are located in UW Box and available for download by campus fac/staff.

Sample of icons that are provided by DoIT Communications for use on WiscWeb sites

DoIT Icon Library (must login to UW Box)

University Marketing icon libraries

University Marketing also has a couple icon packs available to website owners.

These are located in UW Box and available for download by campus fac/staff.

Red box with a grid of white web icons representing the options available for download   White box with a grid of red web illustrations representing the options available for download

UMark Icons for Digital Use

UMark Illustrations for Digital Use 

More graphic elements are available on the website.

Stock photos

Stock photos can be downloaded from various 3rd party vendor sites. However, it is important to note the terms/guidelines/policies for use.

Some may require you cite the photographer, vendor, etc. 

Placeholder imagery

Placeholders can be used when you are still waiting for content to be written or images to be chosen.

They offer a realistic way to preview certain page elements without having to have content ready.

Placeholder Images 

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