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WiscWeb - Terminology

The following doc will act as a definition of key WiscWeb terms. This will be updated regularly as we identify new terms that need to be described.

 Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

This is a plugin that is used within the UW Theme to allow for the page builder technology that exists. This includes the ability to create multiple columns in a page and is what powers the various page elements that are available.

 Embed(ded) code

For the purposes of this document, the term "embed code" or "embedded code" will be used to describe code that is added to the WYSIWYG (using HTML tags like <iframe>, <embed>, <script>, and <style>) to display content from another source into a page. 

 Multi-Site WordPress

This refers to a network of sites that exists in a single installation of WordPress. WiscWeb currently functions as a multi-site network with all of our sites located in the same instance. This setup allows us to more easily manage our large number of sites.

 Unfiltered HTML

This is a WordPress user capability that allows for the posting of HTML markup in the source code of the WYSIWYG editor. In traditional WordPress, all roles inherit this capability by default. In WordPress multi-site, however, this ability is only available for SuperAdmins.

 UW Theme

The template that WiscWeb uses for all of their sites. It provides the overall look and feel, as well as some core functionality. For information can be found on the UW Theme website.

WYSIWYG editor

This is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get" and refers to the text editor that you can use to edit content in a website. In WiscWeb, this is the same as the Text Block. 

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