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WiscWeb - Adjusting spacing between content layouts

This document walks a user through the process of decreasing or increasing the amount of spacing between content layouts.

Use cases

There are a few reasons you may want to utilize this feature: 

  • You wish to minimize the amount of space that shows up between content layouts

  • You wish to increase the amount of space that shows up between content layouts

  • You wish to add a one column introductory paragraph or sentence at the top of a two or three column layout and make it appear like it is part of the same grouping

Best practices

Please be aware that this option should be used sparingly and only when it makes sense to reduce or enhance content layout spacing:

  • It is not recommended that you remove the spacing between all content layouts. 

    • The default padding is added as a buffer so that the eye can naturally break up the content within a page. 

    • Removing it for all content layouts on a page will reduce readability of the content.

Spacing Options

Users can adjust the padding/spacing at the top and/or bottom of a content layout. 

  • Top Padding is the area above the H2 or Headline field for the content layout.
  • Bottom Padding is the area below the content that appears in the content layout. 

The options are the same for both top and bottom padding:

  • None - Space between content layouts is completely minimized.

  • Less - Space between content layouts is reduced slightly.

  • Default - Space between content layouts is left untouched.

  • More - Space between content layouts is increased slightly.

  • Max - Space between content layouts is increased significantly.


Follow these steps for adjusting the spacing/padding between content layouts:

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to augment

  2. Find the content layout you wish to adjust

  3. Click on the Gear icon Screenshot of the gear icon located in the column content layout bar in the top right corner of the content layout

  4. Locate the Top Padding and/or Bottom Padding area of the content layout settings

    Screenshot of padding options that exist within UW Theme page builder

  5. Choose the option that you want to adjust

  6. Publish the page to commit your changes, and review your page to make sure that the layout looks as expected.

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