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WiscWeb - Using the Akismet plugin to filter spam from comments

This document walks you through what Akismet is, how to request it, and how to use it on your WiscWeb site.


This plugin is not activated in WiscWeb projects by default. To request this plugin for your site, simply fill out the Customer Support Form (choosing the “Plugin Activation Request” option).


Akismet, by Automattic, is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for filtering spam comments added to posts on your site. It will allow you to choose how you want spam to be handled so that it never makes its way to your inbox and doesn't get posted on your webpages.

Using Akismet settings

Once the plugin has been installed on your project (by the WiscWeb team), follow these steps to review and update your Akismet settings:

  1. In your project Dashboard, hover over Settings and choose Akismet Anti-Spam

  2. The following options available will appear in the settings box:
    1. Show the number of approved comments beside each comment author
    2. Silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam so I never see it.
    3. Always put the spam in the Spam folder for review.
    4. Display a privacy notice under your comment forms. 
    5. Do not display privacy notice.

  3. Update your settings based on your needs and then click the blue Save Changes button.
  4. Note: We recommend toggling on the following setting: "Silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam so I never see it"


  • If you are still receiving spam messages after installing this plugin on your site, you may need to make your settings more strict. Navigate to the Akismet settings to review and update your permissions for the tool.