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WiscWeb - Options for e-commerce transactions

This document will discuss options and process for having an e-commerce site created to complement your WiscWeb site.

Conference/event registration services through the Pyle Center

The Pyle Center offers the following enrollment and payment options through their Registration Services website.

Their website offers more detailed information on the offerings and contact info for how to get started.

CashNet/Transact storefront through Business Services

Cashnet/Transact is the PCI compliance check-out service provider for credit card payments used for e-commerce business with a merchant account connection (merchant ID). This can be used for new or existing merchant accounts.

Related Policy: Credit card merchant services and payment card industry (PCI) compliance (opens in the same tab).

Step 1: Review campus transaction types

There are two options for facilitating payments. Both transaction types are handled in a tool known as Transact (formerly CashNet), which allows for credit card payments on a secure server. We suggest working with DoIT's Web and Mobile Solutions team (WaMS) to determine a hosting location.

The two transaction options are outlined below (information taken directly from Business Services):

(1) With a shopping cart A shopping cart storefront is usually a very complex site. But in general the point of commonality is the shopping cart page. No matter how large the site is everything ends up on the shopping cart page. This page is interfaced to the Transact pages in the same way as a shopping cart site. All information about shipping, tax, rebates, etc is collected on the shopping cart page and stored in a local database. The amount is then sent to Transact and the customer continues as in the other setups.

(2) Without a shopping cart A simple storefront will be one page long and contain all the items that are for sale. The user indicates which items they wish to purchase, fills out their customer information and submits the form. The rest of the process works like the simple registration. 

Step 2: Connect with Business Services regarding Transact/CashNet account


Once you’ve decided which transaction type you want, you will need to connect with the Accounting group at Business Services to discuss your Transact (formerly CashNet) account. They can review the options for setup with you, as well as answer any questions you have about how payment will/could work.

Important considerations

  • Please provide the existing merchant account and/or Cashnet/Transact Station to ensure that the storefront is connected appropriately. In addition, please also contact the PCI Site Manager of the merchant account of this request to ensure that they maintain a list of websites used for the merchant account activity.
  • Should you need to request a new merchant account, please contact your Dean's office with your business reason to request a new merchant account for approval.
  • Then, please contact for the next steps.
  • Also, it is helpful to include a detailed description of what you are looking to do, including which transaction type you will need.

Contact info

Step 3: Connect with DoIT’s Web and Mobile Solutions (WaMS) team


When your Transact account is ready, you can reach out to DoIT’s Web and Mobile Solutions team to discuss how you would like your storefront to appear on a website. They will be able to build this content for you and tie it in to your Transact account for payment transactions.

Note: There are ongoing, annual charges related to PCI compliance for the DoIT-produced storefront site. Plan on budgeting up to $1,000 per year on this work.

Important considerations

  • The payment content will neither be hosted within nor be editable from the larger WiscWeb project. It will be hosted in a separate account with DoIT Web Hosting*. However, it can be styled, by DoIT's Web and Mobile Solutions team (WaMS)**, to look like the rest of your website. It will receive its own sub-directory location within the larger domain (i.e. and you can link out to this location from your WiscWeb site.
  • You may be charged a monthly fee for the hosting of the site. Currently, the hosting of is covered but this may not be an option in the future.
  • DoIT's Web and Mobile Solutions team (WaMS) works on a cost-recovery basis and therefore, development of the payment piece, as well as stylistic embellishments, will incur charges.

Contact info
**Please address your email to Eric Simons and Dave Conner

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