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WiscWeb - Required "From Email" settings for Gravity Forms

This document outlines the necessary "From Email" settings required for sending an email via Gravity Forms.


Users of Gravity Forms will need to update their "From Email" setting within the Notifications area of each form that you are using to use this email address:

Adding this address to the From Email field will allow your forms to send as expected and will prevent the array error issue identified here: WiscWeb - Array errors

Gravity Forms Update Notifactions location

Steps for updating the 'From Email' field

Follow this process to set your "From Email" address:

  1. On your left hand menu in your project dashboard, click on Forms
  2. Locate the form you want to edit
  3. Hover over the name of the form and choose Settings > Notifications
  4. Hover over the Default Notification (or the Notification you wish to edit) and choose Edit
  5. Locate the From Email field
  6. Remove any existing content and type:

    Gravity Forms "From Email" field update

  7. Scroll down and select Update Notification


If you notice an error/alert below the From Email field after entering the No Reply email address, you can safely ignore it. While WordPress may see this email as a 3rd party address, it is actually required for sending of emails in WiscWeb.

Gravity Forms "From Email" warning message

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