Manifest - Respond to Email Invitations for New NetIDs (Manifest, SpecPop)

If you've received an email invitation to join a group this document will cover how to handle it. You may have recieved an invitation so you could access a course, research, testing materials, or any number of other things. Reading the invite description will give you an idea of what the invite is for.

  1. Manifest invitations appear in email inboxes as being from Manifest Groups System, with a subject line of "Invitation to join UW-Madison group '[groupname]'". The content of the email will look similar to this:


  2. Click on the link to follow it to a webpage that will look similar to:


  3. If you wish to accept the invitation, click Accept Invitation. Continue to the next step.
    If you wish to decline the invitation, click Decline Invitation. Invite Declined will be displayed and your invitation will no longer work. You can exit this document and delete the email.
  4. You will be asked if you have a NetID:


  5. If you have ever had a NetID, even if you are unable to login, select "Yes." If you are certain that you have never had a NetID (or you have been explicitly told by NetID Account Administrators that your NetID is not active or deactivated), select "No" and skip to step 6.

    • After selecting "Yes" you will be asked to login with your NetID and password on the following screen. Upon successful login you will be added to the Manifest group; you can ignore the remaining steps in this document as the process is complete.
      • If you clicked "Yes" but never actually had a NetID, go back to the email with the invitation link and click it again and select "No" when you're asked if you've ever had a NetID
    • If you are unable to login:
      1. Attempt to obtain your NetID or reset your NetID password. See NetID - Recovering a NetID Password.
      2. If you are unable to access your account after using the Account Recovery tool, please call the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-HELP (608-264-4357). NetID/Password issues cannot be handled via email or chat.

      3. Once you obtain your NetID and password, return to step 1 and follow the steps again to complete the process by logging in successfully with your NetID/password.

  6. If you have never had a NetID, selecting "No" at step 4 will take you through registration.


  7. You will recieve a confirmation screen that you completed registration.


  8. Within a hour you will receive another email to activate a NetID. This step must be completed to get your login information. Follow the steps here, starting on Step 3: NetID - Activating Your Account

NOTE: This error is encountered when a user accepts an invitation with their current NetID that isn't active. However, the user is still successfully added to the group despite this error. The user should be able to login into Manifest after awhile, if this isn't the case please contact the Manifest Service Team.


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