CSIS - UW Staff L3 FAQ

This document answers some frequently asked questions from UW Staff regarding L3.
1. My unit has never used the L3 automation process before, where do we start?
2. How do I set up a course to use the L3 automation process?
3. Where are the public HelpDesk documents about noncredit automated LMS access?
4. Where is the learner-facing draft FAQ?
5. Why is my new Canvas / Moodle space set to "invisible" or "unpublished" in Canvas / Moodle?
  • This has been UW policy for many years for all campus LMSes. It is important to know about this because “visibility” overrides all other access rules for students.  So, a space marked in Canvas as "Unpublished" or in Moodle as "Hidden to students" is exactly that, even though you may have posted content in it, and asked CSIS to give students access to it.
  • The reason behind the policy of defaulting to "Hidden" -- even if the start date has passed -- is because LMS course spaces are created for all campus courses as empty spaces. We don't want students wandering into empty or partially created spaces. This way the decision to enable student access (and exactly when) is entirely in the control of the instructor or instructional designer.
6. What if I want to change the name of the Canvas space?
  • Your Canvas subaccount administrator can edit the name. Generally, you want to avoid changing the name because title edits to your Canvas spaces will then not match the name listed in CSIS in your LMS Spaces tab, which may cause UW staff confusion later on. The space name in CSIS cannot be edited after you create the space in CSIS.
7. When a registered learner has a problem getting access to the course or setting up their NetID, where do I send them?
  • Send them to the DoIT HelpDesk and be sure to instruct the student to identify themselves as a "lifelong learner."
8. Can I help a learner who mistakenly created multiple NetIDs for themselves?
9. How do instructors and our program staff get access to the LMS spaces?
  • You are free to choose from 2 methods: 
    • More automated method: In CSIS, you can add UW staff to any program as "Presenters." All individuals who are already listed as “Presenters” when you assign or create a new LMS space will be automatically added to that LMS space during the nightly data synchronization.
    1. Open the CSIS program "Instance" screen for this program.
    2. Click the "Presenters" tab on the left or scroll down to the "Presenters" heading.
    3. Click the "Add" link next to the "Presenters" heading.
    4. Use the search box to check if this individual has ever previously been entered in your CSIS instance.
    • If you find the exactly matching person, then check the box next to their name in your search results.
    • If you find no such person, click the "Create New Individual" button and follow the process described on this page here: [Link for document 59357 is unavailable at this time] (although that page describes a slightly different path to arrive there)
      • At a minimum, you must add the instructor's email address to their CSIS record. In the Additional Contact Info tab, use the "Email (New)" link on the right:
Save and Close
      • Once you finish creating the new individual in CSIS, then come back to "Add Presenter" and this time you will find them in the search tool, so you can check the box next to their name in your search results.
5. As soon as you check the box next to the instructor's name, the instructor will immediately be sent the same "Get Started" email as new students get, including the ability to create a NetID for themselves if they don't have one already. If the instructor has previously been enrolled in an L3 course using this automated method, then you should immediately see them appear in your Canvas space roster in a "Teacher" role. Otherwise, like with students, the instructor must first follow the instructions in the "Get Started" email before you will see them appear in the Canvas roster.
      • Note: if the instructor has ever previously clicked through any "Get Started" invitation, she/he does not necessarily have to click through any future ones. S/he will immediately appear as "Teacher" in the Canvas space regardless.
  • If the instructor does not yet have a NetID, you will need to use Manifest to manually issue that instructor a UW NetID. After the instructor has activated their NetID, then you (or your Canvas Subaccount Administrator) can manually add the instructor directly to your Canvas space from within Canvas.
10. How do I remove an instructor from a Canvas space, after we added them using the L3 process?
  • This applies if the instructor appears as a Presenter in CSIS as well as a Teacher in Canvas. Otherwise you can simply use Canvas to remove the Teacher. Whereas if you use Canvas to remove a teacher who is designated as a Presenter in the L3 automation, then the teacher will automatically reappear in Canvas during the overnight reconciliation process.
  • In CSIS, open up the relevant program Instance screen, click the Presenters heading on the left, and then the Add link next to "Presenters" heading.
    • If you don't already see the instructor listed in the pop-up, then search for the name of the instructor to remove.
    • Uncheck the box next to the instructor's name.
    • The Presenter will immediately disappear from the CSIS list of Presenters for this program. This instructor will then disappear from the relevant Canvas space(s) in the overnight reconciliation process. If you need the instructor removed urgently, then you can also remove then in Canvas immediately, manually.
11. How do I reach a DoIT Help Desk supervisor, instead of a front-line agent, to expedite a particular support case?
  • hd-exp@lists.wisc.edu
12. [Moodle Only (Canvas users must wait until next day)] If a learner has successfully changed their e-mail address with the Extension Registration Office (who makes the change in their USI system), and we absolutely need that update to appear in Moodle today, instead of the next day, how can I force Moodle to fetch the latest update?
  • Ask your unit’s technical staff who have administrative Moodle access to initiate a manual refresh for that learner. They will need to know the first and last name and e-mail address of the learner, or even better, their NetID. 
  • Instructions for that Moodle administrator: Navigate to the Moodle course, then Administration > Users > Enrollment Methods > UW Lifelong Learning, then use the "Synchronize space with CSIS" button.
13. What happens when a learner cancels their registration through Extension Registration Office?
  • Campus systems will automatically detect the cancellation and remove the learner's access to the relevant LMS course spaces that night (approximately midnight).
  • If you wish, you may always use the CSIS "LMS Spaces" tab for that course in CSIS. You may manually remove any learner's access immediately at any time, simply by setting their expiration date to yesterday. You can verify that it took effect immediately by checking the LMS space roster.
14. How do I add participants who do not register in USI?
15. After a program has received registrations, can I add a new (additional) LMS space to a course and expect that previous registrants will automatically get access to the new space?
  • Yes. After adding the new LMS space, you will be immediately presented with the option of modifying the space-expiration dates for all past registrants with respect to the new space. The initial "Access End Date" date per learner will be the usual default: no expiration at all, with each learner's "Access Start Date" set as today's date.
16. What happens to enrolled students when I delete an LMS space from a CSIS program?
  • In the CSIS tab "LMS spaces", when you click the "x" icon at the top right corner for that LMS space, you will first see this message displayed before anything happens:
  • "Removing this LMS Course/Space will remove the relationship between this program and the Course/Space."
  • It will also remove all participant access, except for any participants who have access granted to this space for reasons such as enrollment in other programs using this space or instructor status.
  • Please note: this action will not delete the LMS Course/Space from the LMS itself. To fully delete the LMS Course/Space, you will need to work with that LMS."
17. How do I change which Canvas subaccount my automatically-created LMS spaces appear in?
  • A campus-level Canvas administrator can manually change the 'SIS ID' associated with your desired Canvas subaccount to match the CSIS AppID your unit uses in CSIS (contact CSIS Support to initiate this change, and then a Canvas administrator). The Canvas Provisioner always adds an "L3:" prefix in front of the CSIS AppID, for example DCS's Canvas 'SIS ID' is "L3:16".
    • Example: DCS decides all its Canvas spaces should now live in a new Canvas subaccount called 'New' (that lives inside the Lifelong Learning parent Canvas subaccount). Then we ask the campus Canvas administrator to set the SIS ID for 'New' to "L3:16", and to delete the SIS ID from our old Canvas subaccount.

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