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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 12-08-16

Approved 12-22-16
ASEC Minutes
2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Thursday, December 8, 2016
53 Bascom Hall

Members Present: 
Bruno Browning; Aaron Crandall; Jenny Dahlberg; Sarah Kuba; Michael Moscicke; Mallory Musolf; Kevin Niemi, Chair; Deb Shapiro

Guests: Sarah Barber, Crystal Potts, Sally Rohrer, Jeff Russell, Jake Smith, Diego Villegas

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.

The minutes of December 1, 2016, were approved.

General Reports
Chair Kevin Niemi reported on the UW System Academic Staff Representatives meeting.  The faculty representatives had a heated discussion with UW System regarding the UW-LaCrosse post-tenure review document that was approved by the Board of Regents without full approval by the Faculty Senate at LaCrosse.  Both campus carry and fetal tissue research bills will be re-introduced in the next legislative session.  It is also likely that the potential savings from self-insurance will be in the governor’s budget.  The Board of Regents is being asked to approve a 2%/2% pay plan for the next biennium with the entire amount funded by GPR.  Any new money in the budget for UW System will likely be tied to metrics.  The UW System tuition setting task force has been meeting and are looking at charging tuition on a per credit basis, removing differential tuition and allowing campuses to submit their own tuition requests. 

Marsha Mailick emailed Kevin and would like to come back to ASEC to provide information about the WARF funding question that Tom Zinnen asked.  Kevin also received an email from a member of the TAA regarding some questions about policies and governance for graduate assistants.  Kevin responded to her. 

Secretary of the Academic Staff Heather Daniels reported that the Faculty Senate passed both the resolution on discrimination and undocumented students.  There were some revisions to the resolution on discrimination.  The University Committee has been discussion a revised post-tenure review policy.  The policy submitted to the Board of Regents was returned for additional changes.  It is expected that the Board of Regents will revise their post-tenure review policy at today’s meeting.

The ballot regarding changes to district size in Academic Staff Policies and Procedures is nearing 550 votes.  The Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee discussed changes that need to be made to Academic Staff Policies and Procedures regarding Title IX.  In Title IX cases, the person who brought accusations forward regarding prohibited behaviors like sexual assault has to be informed and involved in any appeals process for discipline or dismissal of the person accused.  In essence, the appeals process involves three parties rather than the traditional two parties. 

Liaison Reports
Aaron Crandall reported that the SMPH CASI had to pull back their ballot due to the inclusion of a member of the university staff on the ballot.

Guests: Sarah Barber, Summer Term Director, and Jeff Russell, Dean of Continuing Studies
The original committee to study changes to summer term was formed in January 2015.  Following that an Implementation Committee started in July 2015.  A Steering Committee was formed following the first implementation of summer term to assess how things went.  This committee just produced a report to the Provost.  In addition, they have formed a student advisory board to gather input from students.

The summer term expansion was predicated on a new budget model for summer term.  The first $12 million goes to campus to pay for fall and spring courses.  The tuition dollars raised above that amount are split with 80% returned to the school/college, 10% going to central campus and 10% going to Division of Continuing Studies. 

They also increased scholarship funds for students in the summer.  Courses that were offered were high demand and bottleneck courses as well as more online courses.  There was also a new communication plan for summer term.

The Steering Committee felt the 2016 pilot was a success.  The Division of Continuing Studies has added University Health Services and Housing to the Steering Committee, and hope to continue working with this committee for an additional year.

Guests: Sally Rohrer and Diego Villegas, Associated Students of Madison
A bill regarding campus carry is likely to be re-introduced again this session in the legislature.  The students have started a petition against the bill and have already collected more than 1000 signatures.  The petition allows people to leave comments and also asks for their legislatures.  They are targeting parents, students, alumni and UW employees to sign the petition.  

The students will be holding a day of action next Thursday with tables at Union South and Gordon Commons to talk to students about this issue.  They will also be having a call in to Robin Vos’ office.  They plan to work on student legislation this spring.  In addition, they are organizing student op-eds in local papers and hometown papers.

The students asked about circulating the electronic petition to academic staff.  ASEC was in favor of this idea.  They also asked about participation in the day of action.  ASEC was not in favor of this due to the issue of employees calling during work time and the potential use of state resources. 

•    Liaisons for Hostile and Intimidating Behavior Reports
ASEC brainstormed academic staff who could serve as possible hostile and intimidating behavior liaisons.  They will also discuss this at the next meeting.
•    Liaisons from ASEC to Ad Hoc Committees
ASEC discussed the idea of appointing liaisons to Ad Hoc Committees that do not have an ASEC member appointed.  ASEC agreed to this with implementation as new committees are formed.
•    Assembly Committee on Resolutions
ASEC discussed whether such a committee would be feasible and how it could be operationalized.  It was decided that ASEC would look to soliciting volunteers to work on various issues and craft resolutions about this issues during the spring semester.  
•    Nominating Committee Slate
There are four people needed for this year’s slate.  Two members rotating off the committee have already served two terms.  

Meeting adjourned at 4:01 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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