Welcome to the main home page of Michel A. Wattiaux, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This page has links to instructional activities (top left-side links), technical dairy production related multi-lingual publications (top right-side links), funded research (bottom right-side links) and teaching program (bottom left-side links). Feel free to explore.

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99% of the things you believe probably you have no direct evidence yourself. You have to trust people to find those things out and then tell it to you (Anonymous).

All learning is "relearning". .... Thus one's job as an educator is not only to implant new ideas but also dispose of or modify old ones (Kolb; Experiential Learning, p 39).

The purpose of education is to stimulate inquiry and skill in the process of knowledge getting, not to memorize a body of knowledge; Knowing is a process, not a product (Bruner; Toward a Theory of Instruction).

Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience (Kolb; Experiential Learning, p 49).