2017 Project 2 Presentation Schedule

2017 Team: Below is a table listing team members, faculty mentor (Michel Wattiaux, Benito Albarran, Sebastian Arriola) and type of ration to be analyzed as decided in class on Nov. 7, 2017.
Team Names Faculty Mentor Ration Type
1 Hamilton, Charles Benito High Production group
1 Tesarik, Sheila Benito
1 Young, Ashley Benito
2 Holub, Alexandra Sebastian One TMR lactating herd
2 Slind, Micheala Sebastian
2 Fricke, Hannah Sebastian
3 Lauber, Megan Sebastian One TMR lactating herd
3 Meyer, Rachel Sebastian
3 Skiba, Meghan Sebastian
4 Martin, Abigail Michel Low Producing group
4 Leung, Christie Michel
4 Niles, Angela Michel
5 Mcclelland, JJ Michel One Dry cow group
5 George, Kayla Michel
5 Kuenzi, Virginia Michel
6 Meinnert, Tyler Benito One TMR lactating herd
6 Giese, Lauren Benito
6 D'Huyvetter, Dominique Benito
7 Nuttleman, Alyssa Sebastian One TMR lactating herd
7 Broege, Kristen Sebastian
7 Schmitz, Antony Sebastian
8 Sarbacker, Elizabeth Benito One TMR lactating herd
8 Blado, Bailey Benito
8 Klitzman, Robyn Benito
9 Voigts, Logan Michel Fresh cow group
9 Bailie, Matthew Michel
10 Willems, Connor Michel Close up cow group
10 Munoz, Tatiana Michel

Presentation Guidelines and Schedule: First, before you start working on your power point, please click here to find out what makes a good power point presentation. Please download and review the Oral Presentation Scoring Rubric) as you prepare and practice your oral presentation.

 Below is the presentation schedule. For each 15 min. presentation, please plan according to the following time breakdown:

  • 00-10: Present highlights of your findings (part I&II) to the class with a power point presentation. Please practice your oral presentation with team members so you identify the important "take-home" message(s);
  • 10-12: Questions and Answers;
  • 12-14: Evaluation of the presentation
  • 14-15: Transition to next team presentation.

IMPORTANT: Individual grade for project 2 will be calculated as the team grade adjusted for a peer-evaluation of EACH team member.

Schedule of presentations will be posted here soon...

Tuesday December 05
Time Team # Presenters Ration Type Download (ID required) Faculty Mentor
09:45-10:00 1 Charles, Sheila, Ashley

High producing group Benito
10:00-10:15 4 Abigal Christie, Angela

Low producing groupMichel
10:15-10:30 7 Alyssa, Kristen, Anthony

One TMR lactating herd Sebastian
10:30-10:4510Connor and Tatiana

Close-up cow groupMichel
Thursday December 07
09:45-10:00 2 Ali, Micheala, Hannah

One TMR lactating herd Sebastian
10:00-10:15 5 JJ, Kayla, Virginia

One dry cow group Michel 
10:15-10:30 8 Liz, Bailey, Robyn

One TMR lactating herd Benito
10:30-10:45 9 Logan, Matthew

Fresh cow group Michel
Tuesday December 12
09:45-10:00 3 Megan, Rachel Meghan

One TMR lactating herd Sebastian
10:00-10:15 6 Tyler, Lauren, Dominique

One TMR lactating herd  Benito 
10:15-10:45 -- Evaluation 


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