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Learning Engineering Group and You

Working with a Learning Engineering Group may be a new experience for many Subject Matter Experts. The purpose of this document is to help Subject Matter Experts develop expectations about what their collaboration with a Learning Engineering Group might be like.

What is a Learning Engineer? 

A Learning Engineer is a specialist in the HOW of learning based on learning science and data. 

Technically speaking, the Learning Engineer is someone who applies learning science via human-centered engineering design methodologies and data-informed decision-making to support learners and their development.

What does a Learning Engineer do? 

Learning Engineers are design partners in the creation of learning experiences, whether in person, hybrid, or fully online. They consult with those who teach on research-backed methodologies that will provide the best and most impactful learner experiences. 

Learning Engineers who are Media Specialists also can aid in the production of video and audio creation, editing, and delivery. Learning Engineers who are Instructional Designers can aid in the physical creation of an online course using a variety of available technologies. 

How will I benefit from working with a Learning Engineer? 

You are the expert of your content area! Learning Engineers are people who are experts in learning. Bringing the expertise of both the learning expert and the content expert together results in creativity that results in high quality, effective, efficient, AND engaging learning experiences. 

What will the collaborative process of working with the Learning Engineering Group be like?

When you are working with a Learning Engineer, you aren’t building a course alone. You have a thought partner to help you make data-informed design decisions, and (if it is within scope of the project) you will have someone to help you with the technical build of the course components you have designed. You and the Learning Engineer are partners and collaborators, the success of your course depends on the contributions of all members of the collaborative team. 

For more information, check out our FAQ!

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