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Instructions for Completing CITI Human Subjects Research Training

1. All UW-Madison personnel listed on a human subjects protocol must take CITI Human Subjects Research Training using their NetIDs.

2. Login to CITI through the UW CITI portal with your NetID. If this is your first time logging in, a NetID linked CITI account will automatically be created for you.

3. If this is your first time taking UW-Madison’s Human Subjects Research Training, click on the “Add Course or Update Your Learner Group” link and add the relevant basic course. Generally, individuals submitting to the ED/SBS IRB Office take the Social Behavioral Course and individuals submitting to the HS IRB Office take the Biomedical Course. The IRB member course is only required for those currently serving on a UW IRB.

  • Please contact the IRB office that you are submitting to if you have further questions about what course to take.

4. If you previously took a UW-Madison basic course and your training is about to expire (UW-Madison Human Subjects Research Training is valid for three years), you can take a refresher course. The refresher course should automatically appear in your CITI account.

  • Verify your training expiration dates using the Graduate School Training Lookup. Please note that training not taken within CITI (HIPAA, Conflict of Interest, & Safety) is listed separately in the Training Lookup and does not indicate that the individual has multiple CITI accounts.
  • Both the basic and refresher courses have the same title, but clicking on the course title will indicate whether it is the basic or refresher course. If you've clicked on the course title and the refresher course still does not appear, contact the Office of Research Policy at

5. Once you have the relevant courses in your account, click on the course title to begin the course and follow the instructions within CITI to complete your training. On average, it takes two hours to complete a basic course and one hour to complete a refresher course. If needed, courses can be completed in multiple sessions.

  • Completing a course requires earning an 85% average on all quiz questions, but quizzes can be retaken.

6. Once you have completed the course(s), your training will be visible in the Training Lookup and ARROW after the next download of data from CITI. Downloads of training data from CITI occur at 12:00 am, 6:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 6:00 pm CST.

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