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SCRO Committee: UW-Madison hESC Registry

NIH hESC Registry:

All hES cell lines listed on the current NIH hESC Registry are eligible for use on the UW-Madison campus. To view the listing of lines approved by the NIH for use in federally funded research please visit the NIH hESC Registry.

Non-approved hES Cell Lines:

Any human ES cell lines not included on the current NIH registry must have their provenance documented and approved by the SCRO committee before first becoming eligible for use in research falling within the SCRO Committee's purview. These lines may not be used for federally funded research.

UW-Madison hESC Registry:

Once the SCRO committee has reviewed the provenance for a human ESC line and found it to be in accordance with the UW-Madison Policy for Human Embryo and Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research, that line will be added to the UW-Madison human ESC Registry (see below). Lines currently approved for use on the UW campus but NOT included on the NIH registry are included in the table below. Please be aware that cell lines in the table below MAY NOT BE USED FOR FEDERALLY FUNDED RESEARCH .

Lines listed on the NIH hESC Registry and the University's registry are eligible for use on the UW-Madison campus, but protocols using those lines still require SCRO Committee approval.

UW-Madison hESC Registry:

Provider Cell Line 
Cell Line Alias
BresaGen/Nova Cell  BG01 BGN-01

 BG02 BGN-02

 BG03 BGN-03
Embryonic Stem Cell International  ES01 HES-1

 ES02 HES-2


 ES04 HES-4

 ES05 HES-5

 ES06 HES-6
University of California, San Francisco  UC01 HSF-1

 UC06 HSF-6
 James Thomson

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