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Windows 2008 iSCSI Install for IP Storage

Install instructions for Windows 2008 iSCSI Initiator for use with DoIT IP Storage service.

Windows 2008 iSCSI Install, an iSCSI initiator is built into Windows 2008.

NOTE: If you are attaching a Windows Server 2012 server to NetApp iSCSI storage please follow these steps first.  MPIO support for iSCSI devices is not natively supported in Server 2012, it must be enable to function.

  1. Open MPIO Properties from Administrative Tools
  2. Click on the "Discover Multi-paths" tab
  3. Check the "Add support for iSCSI devices" box
  4. You will be prompted to restart - reboot the server
  5. Once the server has rebooted continue on to the steps below

Note: Server 2008 only, msiscsi.sys driver. Check If your running anything lower than version 6.0.6002.22405. If so, update driver via this KB article:

  1. Go to Control Panel and double click iSCSI Initiator.
    1. It will ask if it's OK to start the service. Click Yes and this starts the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service and sets the service startup to Auto.
  2. Double click the icon again.
    1. Near the top of the properties panel displayed, there is a line that says: 'Initiator Node Name:' and something like' (where xxx is your server name)
    2. The above name must be provided to the DoIT Storage team (, or in the request form, to configure your storage.
  3. Click the Discovery tab.
    1. Click the Add button (Discover Portal... R2 SP1). Enter the DNS name of the storage as provided by DoIT (normally iscsi* Leave the port at the default value of 3260. Click OK.
      1. ( - cnetapp4a)
      2. ( - cnetapp4b)
    1. Advanced...
      1. Local adapter: Microsoft iSCSI Initator
      2. Source IP: iSCSI adapter IP (
    2. If the discovery fails, make sure your firewall is not blocking access.
      1. Have the Storage Team check the Security Type (LUNs -> iSCSI -> Manage Initiator Security).
  1. Click the Targets tab and you should see a target named
    1. Click the Log On button (Connect... R2 SP1).
    2. A pop up window appears with options, Normally check both of the following.
      1. 'Automatically Restore this Connection when the system boots' 
      2. 'Enable Multi-Path'
      3. Click Advanced...
      4. Configure the following
        1. Configure Local Adapter: Microsoft iSCSI Initiator 
        2. Source IP: 10.128.x.x (iSCSI adapter IP)
        3. Target portal: / 3260
    3. The Target screen should now show a status of Connected.
    4. Click OK to end the iSCSI initiator program.
  2. Open Computer Management (right click on My Computer and select Manage).
    1. Open the Storage option.
    2. Right Click Disk Management.
    3. Select Rescan Disks.
    4. A new disk of the size you requested should be shown.
    5. Initialize, format using Quick Format, and begin using like any local disk.

Note: Cluster with Mount Points

  1. After initializing the mount point will be removed
  2. Go to Failover Cluster Management
  3. Storage
  4. Add a disk, add all the storage
  5. Go back to the Server Manager -> Disk Management
  6. Change Drive Letter and Paths...
  7. Add... -> add the mount point

TechNet iSCSI Software Target 3.3 -
Microsoft iSCSI Software Target 3.3 -

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