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Cisco Anyconnect - Troubleshooting


WiscVPN is transitioning from using Cisco AnyConnect to Palo Alto GlobalProtect. For information on which client to use during the transition, see the news item WiscVPN Client Transition.

This document covers troubleshooting steps that can be done when Anyconnect are not working. These steps should be followed in order unless a known issue is encountered.

1) Uninstall and Reinstall the Client Software

The first step in troubleshooting VPN issues is to uninstall the client software and have the user download/install a new version. This is because the VPN client changes the networking stack of the Operating System and later changes to this stack may have corrupted the VPN client software. See the following document for each particular user:

Once the software has been uninstalled, direct the user to install the AnyConnect client using the following docs as reference:

Note: In some cases, WinXP users may have the legacy VPN client installed. They will want to uninstall this and install the AnyConnect client.

2) Check the Error Code in the KB and Google

When the AnyConnect client fails to connect, an error message will be displayed. Sometimes the message will also contain a number code. Use this code and error description to do a search in the KB docs and in Google. Common error message encountered with the client will be documented in the KB (for example, the Interprocess Communication Depot error). If you cannot find the text description in the KB, search Google. Usually within the first 5 search results a fix or workaround will be found. If a fix or workaround is not found or the fix/workaround involves editing the registry go to the next step.

3) Consult HDQA

If steps 1 and 2 do not fix the issue, consult HDQA to see if anything else can be done.

4) HDQA/Help Desk Level 2 ONLY: Check for New Version of Client Software

  1. Goto
    • in right column, click on link to client version (ex: Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client v4.x)
    • in left column, click name of newest release under the Latest Release section
    • in right column, download the appropriate file:
      • example Windows:  anyconnect-win-4.0.00048-pre-deploy-k9.iso
        • note: this is an ISO file and must be opened to get to the installation .exe file
      • example OSX:  anyconnect-macosx-i386-5.0.00048-k9.dmg
  2. Login with appropriate credentials:
    • username: bharris3vpn
    • password: wiscVPN1 (case matters)
  3. For information on installing and configuring the client, see:

5) HDQA/Help Desk Level 2 Only: Have the User Bring their Computer into Walk-In

If the error message appears to be particular to the user's computer (you cannot replicate the error or the error appears to be OS related), suggest that the user bring their computer to a Walk-In location. We can then have the user try their credentials on one of our machines and we can try our credentials on their machine. We can also then check the computer into Repair so that we can see if any software might be interfering with the AnyConnect client. Note: Cisco themselves only support AnyConnect on a fresh install of Windows. If nothing seems to be working, try either a Windows Restore or format the computer with the customer's approval.Agents should gather [Link for document 8720 is unavailable at this time.]  and provide the customer with their ticket number before referring to walk-in.

6) Service Desk/Help Desk Level 2 Only: Escalate to Technologist

If searching the error code in Google, installing a new client, and physically looking at the computer does not fix the vpn issues, contact the [Link for document 1650 is unavailable at this time.] listed for VPN so that they can either open a case with Cisco directly or troubleshoot the case with Rusty Smith (WiscVPN) or Linda Pruss/Allen Monette (2Factor).

See Also:

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