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Help Desk - Access to DoIT Support for Primary Tech Partners

Priority technical support available for Primary Tech Partners

Purpose and General Discussion

Primary Tech Partners have priority access to technical support from DoIT technologists through the Help Desk when mission critical components of their computing environment are at risk.

Primary Tech Partners should be given expedited service when the issue is mission critical. The best way to find this information is to ask the customer if the situation impacts more than one person or if it impacts someone they consider a VIP (such as a dean or department chair). If it does, then it should be considered mission critical. If this is the case, then gather as much relevant handling as possible and then escalate the case ahead to the proper technologists.

If the issue is not mission critical, in that it only impacts one individual, then the case should be handled normally by Level 1 Help Desk agents; but, if you're already on the phone with the person, complete entry of the request on their behalf.

Primary Tech Partners are listed as such (using the PTP flag) in the WiscIT customer relationship management system used by DoIT. We also maintain a publicly available list of Primary Tech Partners, although this list is not comprehensive (there are technologists who have the PTP flag in WiscIT but who are not considered Primary Tech Partners).

The scope of Support is as follows:

  • Support for Primary Tech Partners is the same scope as any other customer. Support for hardware or software that has been configured or customized for a specific environment must be contracted for with the appropriate DoIT technologist group.
  • Products supported by base technologists in Systems Engineering and Operations (SEO), Enterprise Internet Services (EIS), Network Services, and Academic Technology (AT) are included.


  1. Primary Tech Partners may create a support case using Cherwell On-Line, or by calling 608-264-4357, and choosing a "hidden" option, and speaking to a representative.
  2. Help Desk staff will review the case for accuracy and completeness of information, and determine whether it is a mission critical issue. Request additional information if the case cannot be classified with the existing information. If mission critical, gather handling and escalate the case to technologists. If not, handle as normal.
  3. DoIT technologists will respond to the case by contacting the TP within one business day of receipt or within DoIT Operational Framework if the case meets those criteria.
  4. Primary TP can check the case online and add notes as needed.

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