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Kaltura - How to Create a MediaSpace Channel (UW-Madison)

This document provides users with guidance on how to create Kaltura MediaSpace Channels. Channels are organizational "buckets" that can contain media and playlists.

More information on Kaltura MediaSpace channels is available in Kaltura's documentation Understanding Categories and Channels in Kaltura MediaSpace.
  1. Launch Chrome or Firefox and go to Kaltura MediaSpace: If you need more information on how to log in to MediaSpace please see Kaltura - How to Log in to Kaltura MediaSpace (UW-Madison) .
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner then click My Channels.
  3. This will take you to a page that lists all of the channels to which you have access ( To create a new channel click the blue +Create Channel button in the upper right next to the "Search" field.
  4. You will now be on the "Create a New Channel" page ( The only required field is "Name". Here is information for all the fields you may see on this page:

    Field Description
    Name (Required) The title of your channel
    Description A long, rich-text field in which you can describe the channel, insert links, insert images, and apply formatting
    Tags Keywords used to help define and categorize your channel
    Privacy Settings that dictate who can see the content in your channel. See Privacy Options for more information.
    Options Miscellaneous options that affect the behavior of your channel. See Options Details for more information.
    Categories The categories option will only show up for users who have been granted access to a category by a category owner. Categories are another organizational structure within MediaSpace. They appear in the top navigation bar. By selecting one of the available options, you are placing your channel within a category.

  5. After you have made all the modifications to fields and settings for the channel, click Save.

Privacy Options

Option Description
Open All logged in users can view content but only admin-role users and channel members can contribute content.

Warning! The description in MediaSpace is misleading. Open channels allow all logged in users to contribute content to the channel.

Restricted All logged in users can view content and only channel members can contribute content.
Private Only channel members can view and contribute content.
Shared Repository Only channel members can view and contribute content; Content may be published to other channels, according to publishing entitlements.
Public Anyone can view content (including anonymous not logged-in users). Only channel members can contribute content according to their publishing entitlements.

Options Details

Option Description
Moderate content Media will not appear in channel until approved by channel manager or moderator
Enable comments in channel This option is enabled by default.
Enable subscription to channel This allows users to subscribe to your channel and be notified when there is new content.

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