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Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex ISDN) - Call Forward Variable (CFV) Feature Button

Some ISDN lines are configured with a programmable call forward variable (CFV) feature button that allows the user to forward all incoming calls by pressing a button on their ISDN phone. This procedure does not work on Cisco phones. The majority of UW-Madison phones are Cisco.

To program a CFV feature button:

  1. Lift telephone receiver and hear dial tone on button 1 of the ISDN set.
  2. Dial *135.
  3. Dial the number you are forwarding to.
    • Dial 5 digits only if forwarding to a Centrex line.
    • Dial 9 and 7 digits if forwarding to non-centrex local number.
    • Dial 8 +1 and 10 digits if forwarding to a long distance number.
  4. Hear confirmation tones followed by ringing or busy, then hang up.
  5. Confirm programming by following instructions below to activate CFV.
  6. Repeat if the number did not forward correctly.

To activate a CFV feature button:

  1. Press the feature button on your ISDN set.
  2. The feature button should stay lit once pressed.
  3. Confirm forwarding by dialing the forwarded number.
  4. See “To program a CFV Button” above if forwarding target needs to change.

To deactivate a CFV feature button:

  1. Press the button labeled CFV on your ISDN set. The CFV button should turn off.
  2. Confirm forwarding has deactivated by dialing the forwarded number.
If the ISDN set does not have a CFV feature button, see Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex) - Forwarding Calls or complete a request with Voice Services by completing the form here.

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