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WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Adding a User to Your Site

This document describes the steps to follow when adding a user to your WiscWeb WordPress site. If you have troubles adding a new user, please review our Troubleshooting tips at the bottom of this page.


  • You must be a Site Administrator in order to add a new user to your site

  • The user you are adding must have logged into WiscWeb once in order for the system to register their credentials. Have them navigate to from a private browsing window and login with their NetID credentials. Failure to complete this step will result in an error when you try to add them to your project.

Adding a User

Please use the following steps to add a user:

  1. Access the Dashboard for your site
  2. Click on Users to access your list of users

  3. Click on the Add Existing Button

  4. Enter the Primary Email Address (this could be or, you will have to be aware of which email address you need to use here) of the user you would like to add
  5. Select the Role you would like to assign this user (most users will be added as Administrators or Editors)
  6. Click on Add Existing User

When completed, you will see the above confirmation message. The user will receive an email that tells them they have been added to this site and asks them to confirm. Once they click on the confirm link they will be added to your site. Please note that if they are not logged in with NetID credentials when they click the link, they will receive an error message. 


The following are reasons you may not be able to add a new user to your project:
  • You will not be able to add the user if they have not tried logging in to WiscWeb once. Make sure that they go to from their browser and login with their NetID credentials before you try adding them. This works best if you have them open the link in a new private browsing or incognito window in the browser (in case they are logged into a different account from that same browser window).

  • If they have a FERPA flag on their Wisc account, you will not be able to add the user to the project. A lot of student workers will have this flag on their account. If this is the case, we can add the user for you. Simply email our support team at and include the project name, website URL, and NetID of the person(s) you would like added. 

  • If the user has changed their name, their NetID (and preferred email address) has likely also changed. You may need to add the NetID to the project as a new user, even if the old NetID is still listed in the project. They will need to login to WiscWeb (once) using their new NetID in order for the system to capture their credentials. Then, you should be able to add them to the site using the steps above. Please note that if you delete their old NetID account from the project, you will be asked to reassign their content (like pages and posts) or else it will be lost. It is suggested that you add their new NetID to the site first, then delete the old one, so that you can reassign their content to the new NetID. 
  • You will receive an error if you try adding the user with an email address that is not their primary address. If the user isn't sure about their primary email address, you can check this by searching in the Campus Search tool.

  • The new user will get an email asking them to confirm that they've been added to a site. There is a link in that email that the user will click to confirm. If they are not logged into Shibboleth with their NetID credentials in their primary browser when they click that link, they will receive an error message. To remedy this, have them open their default browser, navigate to, sign in with NetID credentials, and then click the link in the email.

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