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WiscList - Can't Send to List

If you are having trouble sending to a WiscList mailing list, look below for the bounced error message you received and follow the steps to resolve the issue.

Possible Causes

Not a Member of the List

Sorry, but WiscList ListManager did not find your email address
-> "[your email address]"

listed as a member of [listname].

Only members of [listname] are allowed to contribute messages.

Because WiscList ListManager could not confirm that you are a member of [listname],
your message was not accepted.

This message indicates that your email address is not listed as a member of the list, and that the list is configured such that only members may post to it.

Subscribe to the List

If the list is configured to allow users to subscribe themselves, then you can subscribe to the list by following these instructions: WiscList - Subscribing to a List.

Check for Aliases

If you are certain that you are a member of the list, especially if you are receiving list messages, the problem may be that an alias for your email address is listed as the member. WiscList determines who you are by reading what is in the "From:" field of your email message. If the "From" email address does not exactly match the address in the list, then your message will not be accepted.

To resolve this issue, you will need to determine with what address you are subscribed to the list. Most often, this information is contained the footer of list mailings. Or, it may be displayed in the "To:" field of the email. If you cannot determine with what address you are subscribed, you should contact the list administrators (see: WiscList - Contacting List Administrators).

After determining with which address you are subscribed, you will need to reconfigure your email client so that the "From:" field in your messages matches that email address.

Note to WiscMail Users

All WiscMail accounts may have one or more of the following aliases: "", "", "", "". If you are subscribed to a list with your WiscMail account and you are having trouble sending to the list, pay close attention to which WiscMail alias you are sending with and which alias is entered as a member on the list.

(Optional) Allow Non-Members to Post

If you are a list administrator, you may decide to allow non-members to post to the list. To configure your list to do this, follow these instructions: WiscList - Allowing Non-Members to Send to List

Sending From the Wrong Address

Sometimes, as is common with Classlists, an admin might send from a different address than the one on the list. If the admin received the message indicated above, ensure that the "From" address matches one of the admin or member addresses on the WiscList.

Not a List Administrator

Sorry, your message was not sent out to [listname]
because only list administrators are allowed to post messages.

If a list is configured to only allow list administrators to post, you will receive this error if you attempt to post to the list and you are not an administrator.

Become an Administrator

Current list administrators and the site administrator can add you as an administrator to the list. They can do so by following these instructions: WiscList - Adding a List Member or Administrator.

If you do not know your list's administrators, you may contact them by following these instructions: WiscList - Contacting List Administrators.

Allow Non-Administrators to Post

List administrators can configure the list to allow all members to post. Instructions for this setting can be found here: WiscList - Enabling or Disabling "Only Admins Can Send" Setting.

Sending to a non existant list

Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:

  Recipient address:
  Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
  Diagnostic code: smtp;550 ... User unknown to WiscList ListManager

Send to a list that exists

Verify that the list name is correct either in WiscList Admin or with whoever provided you the list address

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