Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura MediaSpace Playlists Do Not Update Immediately Where the Playlist Is Embedded [UW-Madison]

Once embedded in a web page, a Kaltura MediaSpace playlist does not update immediately if you change the playlist.

Kaltura MediaSpace playlists take some time to update when embedded. This means that if you embed a playlist in a web page and then change something in the playlist - for example if you add or remove a video - you will not see this change reflected in the playlist embedded on your web page for up to 30 minutes. If you still do not see your playlist updating on reloading the web page it is embedded in after 30 minutes, please try clearing your web browser's cache and reloading the web page.


All users and all browsers on all operating systems


Try clearing your web browser's cache and reloading the web page after you've waited at least 30 minutes.

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