Manifest - Management Tools

This KB document provides instructions on how to utilize Manifest's Management Tools.

Management Tools

Management Tools provides group owners a couple useful functionalities. Click the panels below to see more details

Group owners can find and remove memberships and privileges by NetID for their own groups


  1. Enter NetID into text box
  2. Click Search
    • NOTE: This process can take awhile depending on how many groups the NetID is a member of
    • The results of this search will show you the direct and indirect memberships of the NetID you searched for under the memberships tab. Keep in mind, the direct memberships of the NetID will only be reflective of groups you are the owner of and therefore will allow to remove the NetID from those groups only
    • The results of this search will show you the direct privileges this user has on Manifest folders and groups under the privileges tab. These results are also only related to Manifest groups and folders that you are the owner of

Group owners can find where their groups are being used in other groups


  1. Click on the drop down menu
  2. Select the group that you wish to see where else it is being used, keep in mind the drop down contains only groups that you are the owner of
  3. Click Search
    • The results of this search will show you where the selected group is being used as a direct member and indirect member

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