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Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) - No MDS Invoices Returned

When using the Pre-Posting Allocation Tool, it is necessary to enter either an MDS parent account or an MD number. If there are no invoices associated with either item, then no invoices will be displayed.


Invoices in the Pre-Posting Allocation Tool may be viewed only after you enter an MDS Parent Account or an MD number, as shown below.

PAT - Enter MDS Parent account or your MD number

If you have entered an MDS Parent Account for which there are no invoices available, you will see an empty invoice summary grid as shown below.

PAT - 0 customers found

If you have enter an MD number for which there are no invoices available, you will see the following screen:

Invoice summary for MD14760


A blank invoice summary grid will be returned in several situations:

Transactions locked and posted to SFS

Transactions are locked and submitted to SFS at noon on the 3rd business day of every month. Transactions which have posted to SFS will no longer appear in PAT.

No invoices associated with specific MD number

If you are using a specific MD number (such as md1899) to login to PAT, the screen will appear "blank" as shown above if there are no invoices to show. Clicking on "Assign a single funding string to many invoices" or "Reallocate funding one invoice at a time" will not result in any action, because there are no transactions for you to view.

Transactions not posted due to recent purchase

If you have made the purchases very recently or the items ordered are on backorder, you may not yet have been invoiced for these purchases and the transactions would not appear in PAT.

Incorrect MD number or parent account

If you still believe there should be invoices associated with your MD number or parent account, click Select new Account or new Billing Unit. Verify that you are either entering the correct MDS Parent Account (this is usually the email address which you have previously supplied MDS) or the correct MD number. Also verify that you have selected the correct billing unit (either MDS or DoIT).

More Information

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