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21st Century-Wirelss testing in Comp Sci this week

Posted: 18:00:00, Sunday, Jun 19, 2005   Expiration: 18:00:00, Sunday, Jun 26, 2005  

DoIT will begin testing of the new '21st Century wireless' network in the DoIT areas of the Computer Science building. Over the last few weeks you may have noticed the electricians installing boxes in the ceiling. Each day we will activate one area of the building. It will have an SSID of 'UWNet-CompSci'.

To use it just select the 'UWNet-CompSci' SSID network from the wireless client you are using. No bookmark is needed to authenticate.

Just load any web page. The new Captivator captive portal will authenticate you and then redirect you back to the original url you were trying to go to. Also during this testing some of the original wireless with the SSID of 'wireless-wiscworld' will be deactivated. There are not enough wireless channels available to run both without them contending for the same frequency space. Thanks for participating in this test.

-- 21st Century Wireless Team

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