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Qualtrics Mailer app no longer able to send surveys from @wisc.edu address

Posted: 11:53:56, Friday, Jan 25, 2019   Expiration: 11:53:56, Monday, Dec 2, 2019  

Effective March 1, 2019, individuals who use the Qualtrics Mailer application to send surveys will not be able to use an @wisc.edu email address in the custom From Address field. This change will not impact the ability to change the From Name or the Reply-to Email address when sending surveys.

What is the Qualtrics Mailer application?

The Qualtrics Mailer application sends customized email invitations to participants, track their progress, and prevent abuse of distributed surveys.

Below are images of the Qualtrics Mailer application

Qualtrics Mailer Preview 1

Qualtrics Mailer Preview 2

What is affected?

  1. Qualtrics Mailer custom From Address field

  2. Qualtrics Email Invitation Header
    • Affected - From Address: noreply@qualtrics-survey.com
      • Do not use an @wisc.edu email address in this field (ex: bbadger@wisc.edu)
    • Not Affected - From Name: Bucky Badger
    • Not Affected - Reply-To Email: help@doit.wisc.edu
  3. Reminder and Thank you Emails

    • Survey Reminder and Thank you Emails will also restrict what can be used in the From Address field. See the "What should be used instead of an @wisc.edu email address?" section to learn more.

    • Learn more about Reminder and Thank you Emails.

How do I know if I will be affected?

Targeted communication will be sent to individuals who have accessed the UW Madison Qualtrics service in the last six months.

  • Affected: Individuals who use the Qualtrics Mailer application will be affected by the March 1st change.

  • Not Affected: Individuals who send participants links to their Qualtrics survey using a different application such as Outlook, Office 365, or other email clients will not be affected by this change.

Why is this happening?

The purpose of this change is to better align the Qualtrics Service with the UW-Madison Email Authenticity project.

What should be used instead of an @wisc.edu email address?

Option 1: Use Qualtrics domain

Individuals can use the following default Qualtrics domains in the From Address field:

  • @qemailserver.com
  • @qualtrics-survey.com
  • @qualtrics-research.com

Option 2: Request a custom email address in @survey.wisc.edu domain

Individuals can also request a custom email address in the @survey.wisc.edu domain. This domain is setup specifically for use with Qualtrics and configured to pass the same email authenticity checks as the Qualtrics provided domains. Contact the DoIT Help Desk to request a custom email address.

Option 3: Add department domain to Qualtrics approved domains list (IT Staff)

Domain Administrators who would like their domain added to the Qualtrics list of Valid Email Domains should review Qualtrics support documentation and contact the UW-Madison Qualtrics Brand Administrators at survey-admins@lists.wisc.edu.

I need further assistance.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact survey-admins@lists.wisc.edu .

-- Qualtrics: Christina Gomez

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