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Office 365 - Cannot print calendars in new Outlook on the web interface

Posted: 15:49:19, Monday, Sep 23, 2019   Expiration: 15:49:19, Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020  

As of September 2019, calendar events cannot be printed using the new Outlook on the web interface.


Individuals going to https://calendar.wisc.edu > Calendar > Print > Print will only see the title of the day in the print preview of their document, not their events.

Microsoft has acknowledged this issue and stated that this is known behavior. They did not provide a date when the issue will be resolved.


  • Option 1: Print calendar events using the browser's print option instead of using the new Outlook on the web's print option.

  • Option 2: Save the calendar as a PDF using Internet Explorer and then print the calendar events.


Microsoft recommends voting for the option to print calendars in Outlook on the web's new interface here: https://office365.uservoice.com/forums/264636-general/suggestions/38460925-not-printing-details-of-the-meetings-calendar.

-- Office 365: Christina Gomez

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