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Clarify Outage (5/20) - 0500-0900

Posted: 2001-05-18 09:31:36   Expiration: 2001-05-18 09:31:36

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2001-05-18 09:31:36. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

There will be an extended outage of the Clarify servers this Sunday morning, May 20th. The outage is due to the scheduled power system upgrade.

There will be an extended outage of the Clarify servers this Sunday morning, May 20. The Clarify production and development servers (,, as well as the CBS production server (, will all be down.

As you may have already heard from various notices, this is due to a scheduled upgrade of emergency power system devices on the platform. Here is some specific info:

-- Power will be shut off for servers in Rm B360 starting at 5:00 am.

-- According to current posted info, most servers will actually be shut down earlier, at around 4:00 am.

-- The outage window extends officially through 9:00 am, but expectations are that power will probably be restored sooner (perhaps by around 7:00 am or even earlier).

-- While this involves many other servers beside Clarify, the Help Desk's SAGE server will NOT be affected as it's in a different location.

System Operations staff involved with powering our servers are Earl Dukerschein and Jerry Deischer. Earl will be the prime contact for any general Operations problems.

Dave Ruhde (DRMT) will be in charge of database applications for our servers. He will be working to make sure the Clarify database comes up properly. He will also complete a special backup before the outage, as power issues are a leading source of problems.

I have asked Dave to keep in touch with HDI at 262-3966 to keep the Help Desk informed about Clarify status. He will also be sending me and Bob Gantzer a message when things come back up. Dave will be working from home; he can be reached via pager if necessary :

Dave's pager # : 657-2039 (when you hear the beep, enter your number and he will call you back promptly)

Jeff Wiltzius will be supervising the Help Desk HDI station Sunday morning around the time power is being restored.

Todd Neidinger (POST) will check on the status of the system (from home) after the servers are brought back up.

Bob Gantzer (AT) and Victor Scherer will be making sure that proper Clarify operation is restored after the servers come back up. Bob will be working from home (in Milwaukee area) Sunday morning. His number is 414-529-7729 , but he should not be called there unless it's really urgent. He can be reached by E-mail at (home)

Please let Dave R know immediately if there are database problems.

Likewise, call me immediately if you notice any problems in Clarify itself.

Thank you for your attention.

-- Victor Scherer