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Project Update: Migration button live on 6/1 for WiscList list admins

Posted: 11:12:50, Friday, Jun 5, 2020   Expiration: 11:12:50, Saturday, Dec 12, 2020  

Please be aware that the WiscList migration button for WiscList Main will be active and visible to email list administrators beginning on 6/1/20.

The migration button enables a seamless transition for email list administrators of lists with 3000 members or less to transfer their lists to a new, modern service, while preserving their preferred security and list settings in the new software. 

 Lists with over 3000 members will receive a prompt to contact the migration team for assistance.

What action is required?

For our tech partners, this is an advisory notice of a coming service change, so that you will be able to assist your faculty and staff as necessary.

For individual list administrators, the migration process will be available on 6/1, however, there is no urgency and email list administrators do not have to migrate immediately. We recognize that list administrators across campus are operating under unusual conditions and want to provide notification to manage this process on a reasonable timeline for them. We will offer regular reminders to list administrators until the migration process is complete across the university. All lists will be migrated before December 2020.

If anyone has questions about the list migration process or list management after migration, we have supporting documentation linked on the WiscList Migration Project website and the Help Desk is available to assist.

Next Steps

  • Monday, June 1 - We will email WiscList list administrators and Campus Communicators informing them of migration button availability and migration support.
  • We will issue regular reminders to WiscList Main list administrators who have not yet migrated their lists up through December 20, 2020. 
  • Batch migration support is available for list administrators with a large number of lists.

Contact wisclist-feedback@g-groups.wisc.edu if you have any questions or comments regarding the WiscList Migration Project.

-- WiscList: Christina Gomez

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