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New Office 365 feature: “Briefing” email from Cortana

Posted: 15:46:12, Tuesday, Jul 28, 2020   Expiration: 15:46:12, Friday, Dec 4, 2020  

Starting August 2020, Microsoft will release a new feature called “Briefing” to all UW-Madison Office 365 users.

Briefing is designed to help you manage your tasks, identify outstanding requests, identify available time on your calendar, and suggest focus time to help you work on independent work.  

After Briefing rolls out, you will receive a personalized briefing email in Outlook at the beginning of each workday that summarizes upcoming meetings and outstanding tasks so you’re prepared for the day ahead. The subject line will say “Your daily briefing” and the sender will be from cortana@microsoft.com, with a friendly name of “Cortana.”  

Key Features

  • Briefing emails are personal and private to you. 

  • Your data is kept private. 

  • You can opt-out any time. 

  • You can opt back in by visiting https://briefing.microsoft.com/.

  • If Cortana does not find any suggestions for you, you will not receive a briefing email for that day.

Learn more about Briefing emails from Cortana.

If you have any questions, please contact the DoIT Help Desk

-- Office 365: Christina Gomez

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