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Atomic Assessments - Ongoing Issues (UPDATED 9/15/2020)

Posted: 2020-09-03 11:17:45   Expiration: 2020-09-25 11:17:45

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2020-09-03 11:17:45. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Several ongoing Atomic Assessments issues are in the process of being resolved by the vendor. This document describes the current status of those issues.

Reported IssueStatus
Course import/copy not working as intended (course copy errors). Atomic Assessments servers have intermittently become overloaded, causing course imports/copies to not work as intended. In some cases, the process stalls and never finishes, double the items copy over, or only a subset of items copy over.Atomic Jolt released a hotpatch on September 12 that made improvements to how the import/copy jobs are handled; problems with imports/copies should be lessened as a result. However, if you encounter this issue please report it to the DoIT Help Desk.
Ongoing issues with using the "Grade Server Side" setting. When the "Grade Server Side" setting is enabled, certain question types are experiencing scoring issues, including the equivValue set to zero. Additionally, when an assignment uses penalty points, the score students see at submission is different from the score that is recorded in the Canvas gradebook.Atomic Jolt released a hotpatch on September 12 that they indicate has resolved this issue.
Drawing question answers shift on Speedgrader. When viewing the answer for a drawing question in the Canvas Speedgrader, the drawing answer is not correctly aligned with the image--it is shifted to the right of the image.Atomic Jolt released a hotpatch on September 12 that they indicate has resolved this issue.
Save button in Settings not working. When attempting to enter custom CSS or enable the "Import all Atomic Assessments content on next Canvas import"option in Settings, the Save button does not appear to work.
Atomic Jolt released a hotpatch on September 12 that they indicate has resolved this issue.
Multiple assign-to blocks not working as intended. Assign-to blocks are often used to provide extensions or multiple attempts to students using Atomic Assessments. There have been numerous reports of issues related to having multiple assign-to blocks.
Atomic Jolt is indicating that they have resolved this issue with updates throughout the summer, so this should be resolved. However, if you have an issue with adding multiple overrides, scores taking longer to calculate, inaccurate scores, or students not being able to see the assignment, please report it to the DoIT Help Desk.
Students are unable to access activities after one student has connectivity issues ("permission denied" message). There have been reports of a student experiencing connectivity issues when using Atomic Assessments, after which they receive a "permission denied" error. Following this, all students in the course also receive the same error.Atomic Jolt has indicated this is an isolated issue with UW-Madison's configuration of Atomic Assessments in several non-credit subaccounts. Learn@UW-Madison is working to reconfigure the integration, which should resolve the issue. Estimated date for a fix of this issue is Thursday, September 17.

-- Learn@UW-Madison