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DoIT mail redirector outage June 6th

Posted: 08:08:52, Wednesday, Jun 6, 2001   Expiration: 08:08:52, Wednesday, Jun 6, 2001  

There will be an outage tonight affecting the DoIT mail redirector. This outage begins at 5 PM and runs for up to an hour.

Hello everybody,

At 5:00 PM on Wednesday, June 6th, there will be up to a one hour outage to replace the server that does mail redirection for @doit.wisc.edu, @telecom.wisc.edu, and @studentorg.wisc.edu email addresses. Other than the outage itself, the change will be transparent to the end users.

The net effect of this machine change will be faster and more consistent mail delivery. Though the IBM RS/6000 currently serving as the mail redirector has served us faithfully for many years, age coupled with increased usage has led to its replacement. It redirects all of our mail to the proper mail accounts, and also serves as a backup mail exchanger for when other systems are temporarily unavailable. It is being replaced with a substantially faster RS/6000 running IBM's flagship OS, AIX 5L 5.1.

-- Bob Plankers

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