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Canvas - Rich Content Editor Change (1/16/21)

Posted: 13:00:10, Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021   Expiration: 13:00:10, Friday, Jan 29, 2021  

On January 16, Canvas' Rich Content Editor (RCE) will change permanently to the new version of the RCE we announced in our November update. To date, using the new version of the RCE has been an opt-in feature. After January 16, RCE will become the default and every user will notice different icons in the content editor user interface.

For a description of how the new RCE works, please refer to this document from the Canvas Community. In addition, a side-by-side comparison of features between the old and new RCEs can be found in this document.

It had been initially thought and announced in our November message that the new RCE would impact Canvas course storage quotas. However, further discussions with the vendor clarified that storage quotas will behave the same as before – specifically, video files that are recorded and uploaded in the new RCE do not count against a course's storage quota.

-- Learn@UW-Madison: Susan Sloan

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